Wednesday, 23 May 2012

TDK NC150 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - Review

Even before we’d put the TDK NC150 headphones on we knew we were going to like them. With their calm practical design the NC150 won’t be blinding anybody with its looks; they come in one very traditional colour, Black. But when you’ve got a product that excels in so many other areas, spoiling the simplicity of it with a gaudy design would just be silly.

TDK NC150 Noise Cancelling Headphones

You might think with their frame work headband that the TDK NC150 might be a bit uncomfortable. But that’s far from true; they’re so lightweight you’ll hardly know that you’ve got a headband across your head. And that just the first example of how well-crafted the NC150 are. The earcups sit comfortably and effortlessly around your ears and the foldable design is perfect for those who want to take these Active Noise Cancelling headphones travelling.

Now being Active Noise Cancelling they do require a power source, but nothing too excessive. All you need, to get full functioning active noise cancellation is one tiny AAA battery, and then it just you and your music floating along in a bubble of crystal highs and deep lows. The battery compartment is conveniently located on the left ear cup and the battery is easy to change, which means you can get back to your own musical world with minimal fuss if you run out of juice. Not that’s going to happen often, the TDK NC150 has a stunning 32 hour battery life.

Even without the Noise Cancelling on the sound quality is good, flick that switch and you’ve got supreme sound quality at an extremely reasonable price. We all love a bit of good quality bass in our headphones but that usually means compromising on sound quality. Not in this case, on the high end of things you can hear the singer not just singing but articulating. Unlike with other headphones where the sound leans to the left, the TDK NC150 is particularly balanced; your music will feel equidistant.

There’s even some well throughout feature to the TDK NC150 headphone cable. For a start it’s thicker than most other headphone cables, which means you end up with less tangles and it’s a bit sturdier. The second nice feature is the inline volume control, which is just so much more convenient than rooting around in your pocket for your smartphone or iPod controls.

The included accessories show that the TDK NC150 Active Noise Cancelling headphones are a well put together and truly round product. The soft leather pouch that the NC150s easily fold into and the included aeroplane adaptor go all the way towards emphasising that these are the perfect pair of travel headphones. 
Lastly the TDK NC150 also come with a 6.3mm stereo jack meaning that whether you’re a professional or an amateur these are the ideal pair of headphones if your serious about sound but don’t want to have to pay a serious price tag.

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